Rules and other info 


-PFDs and Whistles are mandatory for all paddlers. Some waistlbelt PFDs have whistles packed inside with the vest. Make sure you have a whistle

-Leashes are mandatory for all youth paddlers under 16 and for all ages on distance courses

-At the Race Director's discretion leashes may be required for all paddlers for technical courses depending on conditions 

-At the Race Director's discretion paddlers under 16 may be required to have an adult paddler (with a VHF radio or cell phone) follow or paddle within sight of the youth throughout the entire course

-All racers are responsible for offering assistance to other paddlers when necessary. 

Order of Finish

 -For the purpose  of determining order of finish the nose of each racer's board will be used.  

-The racer must also cross the finish line in control of his/her board.


-Male racers can draft male racers. Female racers can draft female racers. Please do not bump into the board you are drafting. 


-Awards will be presented for categories with at least 4 racers.  

-Where less than 4 women are in a section those paddlers can join the male men  and will receive the applicable award according to placing



-14' and under for all race boards 14' and under in length. This includes youth racers and women.

-12' and under surfboards and inflatable boards any length will be considered the same class